Sexual Harassment

by Michael Böer

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Originally released as a 30-minute cassette in 1983, available now in digital form.

ONEWE Communications has released Sexual Harassment, the followup to Michael Boer's Delayed Stress. Synth and guitars, some vocals. Little booklet w/ lyrics and graphics. Poetic extensions of manifest destiny. — OP Magazine, May-June 1984

Ambient, electronic, and folk music mixed together… Red Rabbit is a great protest ballad. —The Rocket, March 1984

Another one-man project similar to K. Leimer’s Imposed Order, but several of these songs feature intense lyrics. Turn Me Back is a brilliant song, where a man begs “Mr. Cocteau” to “turn me back to a man.” Also notable are Man with the X-Ray Eyes, and the title track. —Eric Danielson in The Mag, April 1984

Music on the tape is very interesting and I hope your career is on good way. — Jan Pawul, Ruda Skaska (Poland), May 1984

Send more like this, OK? — Shelia Key, KXCI-FM (Tucson, AZ), August 1984


released October 31, 1983




onewe Seattle

Amnesia-inducing minimalism plus special somnabulent ingredients. Was that a dream you had last night or did this music hypnotize you? Find out now. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Wake up! If you are now unable to resume normality, it was the music, and another success story.

[The image in the banner is "Beginning at the End" by Perri Howard.]
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Track Name: Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit
by Michael Boer

we've got orders from the company
to secure this company town
we've got to make sure some journalists
report that normalcy abounds

we've got to watch out for danger
we got them on the run
we got to watch out for retaliation
we don't want to lose them now

send a wire to the secretary
we forgot about the cover-up
send in the tac team
we've got to run that red rabbit
out of town

we've got a line on their outposts
they haven't got a chance
we've got spies all around them now
they're never getting out alive
Track Name: Turn Me Back
Turn Me Back
by Michael Boer

please. please. Mr. Cocteau
turn me back to a man

I've done my part
for your cult of art
I've spent three days
made up this way

some people say
I'll stay this way
please don't pretend
if that's what you intend
Track Name: Sexual Harassment (#2)
Sexual Harassment (#2)
by Michael Boer

a sense of calm prevails
in straight rows of trees
where great blizzards
have retouched the designs
of the defiant white pioneers

the unsteady beat
of Texan prosperity:
you are ripe for popular demand
as you chase thin heirs
from the Yukon roadmap
and seize immaculate tundra
where you thought you'd find despair

where we have seen intelligent perseverance
there is mainly greed, arrogance, and lust for power.
Track Name: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
by Michael Boer

you've got my prescription
I won't let you get away
I will force this heat from you
the man with the x-ray eyes

you've got all your past life research
I won't let you slip away
I will force you to make a new man of me
the man with the x-ray eyes

you say you've seen
blood and glass
hot and cold
knife blades of gold
skeletons of the residents of earth
and paperback pornographs

you've seen highway wrecks
stretched across the American west
and heavy lead beneath sunken decks
that no eye was meant to see

you say sleep will come
and spring will delay
and the rot of blossoms on funeral display
are all signs to the wise
that you recognize
the man with the x-ray eyes