Delayed Stress

by Michael Böer

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Originally released as a 30-minute cassette in 1982, available now in digital form.

My favorite pieces [from Delayed Stress] are In Advance of a Dove, which had some very nice textures and an interesting shifting pattern on the rhythm machine, and Sarah’s Home, which showcases some striking chords and rough-edged textures. —Milo Fine, 1982

Musically a great job from beginning to end. There’s something about the guitar work in If/Then and Horizon that brings me right back to the Rubber Soul/White Album days. We’re moved by the instrumental arrangement and vocal rendition of Dave Evans’ poem Train Windows. —Jack Garvey, 1982


released March 2, 1982

Words and music by Michael Boer except "Train Windows" (words by David Allan Evans).



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


onewe Seattle

Amnesia-inducing minimalism plus special somnabulent ingredients. Was that a dream you had last night or did this music hypnotize you? Find out now. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Wake up! If you are now unable to resume normality, it was the music, and another success story.

[The image in the banner is "Beginning at the End" by Perri Howard.]
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Track Name: Ceremonies
by Michael Boer

the ones who create feel classy when men
speak grave ceremonies and offer gifts to them

the deities take pleasure in rituals done for them
enraptured by movements. the least slight of hand

some gods got a lot of attention
some gods got a lot of attention from you

but God is getting angry at the negligence of men
the performance of high ceremony's fallen off again

go back to the rituals if you want to save your lives
let's have more ceremonies, let's try to change our lives

some gods want a lot of attention
some gods grab a lot of attention from you
Track Name: X
by Michael Boer

x is a creature of darkness and distraction
x comes out nightly in pursuit of satisfaction
x is the moment when the minister is ransomed
x is the torment tn a woman's nest of fashion
x has no meaning
x is an action
x can destroy a man, creating mad compulsion
x is a barnacle that grows in secret places
x is a locust on a hot summer morning
x is the comma tn a sentence of compassion
x is a payment to discourage termination
X si direct
x is convulsion
x can destroy a man, creating mad compulsion
Track Name: The Sign of the Palm
Sign of the Palm
by Michael Boer

this boy straight out of high school
served in the Vietnam war
comes home alive, compressed inside
a muse whispering into his ears

this boy sews soft screams
into the sides of his trousers
the weekend will slip him
out of the silken ropes

this boy
boy writes
such sad
sod love songs

what's gonna happen, well I don't know
we'd get together but it goes so slow
the kids are dancing as if the world was gone
the days are passing and they're just fooling around

the styles keep changing, I feel I'm left behind
the kids are trading dark nights for brighter times
the lights are flashing, the stars burn out for fame
they buy the new songs but they all sound the same

just have a good time while you are here
just have a good time, drink another beer
jus! have a good time, you have no need for fear
let's have a good time, that's all I hear

the teenage crisis now arrives at nine
the schools are smashing mystique of sex life
progressive teachers with cures for young girl blues
new education, new generations to fool
Track Name: If/Then
by Michael Boer

If I was like David Watts
then I'd take my vitamins
and I'd stay With her

If she was a factory
and I was an autobus
then I'd visit her

If we'd had a family
and If we'd had some daughters
then I'd not be alone

If she was a factory
and I was an autobus
then I'd visit her every day
Track Name: Sarah's Home
Sarah's Home
by Michael Boer

don't send harlequins on missions home
they can't help but not find their way home
and don't send harlequins to Sarah's home
I don't think she would listen

she's been taught all her life to follow her own
her european masters spoke and she's grown
say the wrong thing and you'll take Sarah home
I don't think she would listen

don't speak to her of color or tone
and don't dare mention radios or telephones
don't dial her number when Sarah's home
I don't think she would answer
Track Name: Environment Conditions Behavior
Environment Conditions Behavior
by Michael Boer

I'm out upon the town, I walk around, no cares
I feel compelled to dance, I shake my legs in the air
I fall on the ground, I forget my life on the train
Track Name: Train Windows
Train Windows
Words © 1976 David Allan Evans

(Used With permission. From the book With the same title.
Published by Ohio University Press)
Track Name: Hermetic Hymn
Hermetic Hymn
by Michael Boer

there's hardly time to look around
then another season's passed
a never-ending cycle
with no distinction between first or last

look for understanding for there's nothing you can't know
there's a taste of the universe in us all

if you've been sadly crying
for the way things might have been
it shouldn't be surprising
if things happen that way again

all of us are saviors walking on the sea
our only chance for eternity is to be all we can be
Track Name: Horizon
by Michael Boer

down with the heat
I have visions of your feet walking on me

your postcard read vicious thoughts
molten lead put upon me

no one I know ever told me that before
on the horizon, I will wait for you

Sign on your road says
travel at your own risk

based on my trash the police might act rash
they'll arrest you

that's something new so
I'm gonna wait for you on the horizon